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Posturography is highly sensitive but extremely non-specific.

A posturography device, sensitive and accurate enough to detect minute changes like the CAPS®, is the best tool for any clinician interested in providing better care for his/her patients.

Clinical Applications

How can a fast, low cost, sensitive, objective and quantitative balance testing like that provided by the CAPS® be used in clinical practice?

Feel free to download our white paper on the subject.


Fall Risk Assessment

The CAPS® Lite Screening package is the ideal solution for fall risk assessment: with ScreenTRAK™ and its patented, less than 60 second assessment, you can evaluate a subject's risk of falling, while at the same time obtaining information such as the subject's weight and BMI.

Just ask the subject to stand on the compliant surface positioned on top of the force platform, close their eyes and start the acquisition: the subject's balance results are compared with age matched reference values to give your subject's risk of falling, expressed as balance ability (normal, mildly reduced, moderately reduced, severely reduced, and profoundly reduced).


Balance Assessment

The CAPS® Lite EQ package is the ideal solution for Balance Assessment: with the CAPS® EQ already defined mCTSIB protocol, you can easily evaluate a subject's balance in four different conditions (eyes open and closed on hard and compliant surfaces).

All the standard posturographic results are given for each test, as well a comparison report of all four tests, with visual and proprioception dependency.


Physical & Sport Performance

The CAPS® Professional Complete package is the ideal solution for physical and sport performance: with its different software modules, BalanceTRAK® provides the flexibility for testing subjects not only standing, but also seated or lying down, thus simulating standard body configurations encountered in a variety of sports.

Test modalities such as the Sit-to-Stand, the Limit of Stability, the Targeting and the Power, allow for evaluating performance level during training, as well as for devising the optimal training strategies based on the need of the athlete.



The CAPS® Professional Intermediate package with the BalanceTRAK® Targeting, Limit of Stability and Sit-to-Stand modules, is the ideal solution for monitoring rehabilitation: increased range of motion, improved motor control strategies, and movement symmetry can be evaluated and documented.


TBI & Concussion Management

Posturography is the only non experimental tool recognized for concussion and TBI assessments.

The CAPS® Professional Basic package is the ideal solution for being on the sidelines to test athletes suspected of having sustained an injury, especially if no apparent symptoms are present. With the CAPS® EQ just compare the test results with the subject's baseline to see if there are any significant changes that indicate an injury has occurred.

And you can use the same system to objectively decide when the athlete is ready to go back on the field after an injury, by monitoring his or her recovery process.


Functional Neurology

Taking advantage of the high sensitivity, but low specificity of posturography, a functional neurologist can quickly evaluate a subject and see the immediate effect of any intervention, thus fine tuning the regimen to achieve the best results, without wasting precious time in waiting for noticeable effects.